Costs and Funding


Below, please find a list of expenses for the Museum for Future Fossils Summer School. If you would like to apply, but feel you cannot afford to attend, please apply anyway. We are in the process of seeking additional funding for grad students, but won’t know final totals until after the application deadline. Additionally, we will be keeping a long wait list, understanding that accepted students may need to withdraw for financial reasons.

Currently, we plan to offer accepted students $500 to offset costs. We are happy to provide any other support (letters etc.) to help you apply to your own institutions for additional funding.


  • Students will be responsible for covering travel to Toronto, London (Ontario), and New York City, in addition to accommodation and expenses in those locations. We will arrange cheap accommodation and billets where possible. Please budget approximately $2000-3000 depending on where you are based and whether you already have accommodation in London or New York. As noted above, we are happy to write letters of support for travel funds etc.

  • Each student will be asked to purchase one book (approximately $15-30). Other articles and readings will be available free of charge.

  • Supplies will be provided for the installation of exhibitions at the Artlab and NYU Gallatin, but those wishing to make artworks etc. will be responsible for covering costs. Some printing costs will be covered.

  • There will be a field trip fee of approximately $300 (for multiple day trips in London and NYC).

  • Tuition for non-Western University students hoping to attain credit for the course is approximately $500. If you do not want credit on your transcript, you do not have to pay tuition. Even with additional funding, tuition will likely not be covered.