Leah Abaza

Leah is a Master of Arts student at Western University. Her area of study includes contemporary art, modern art, aura, and surveillance.


Patrick Bova

Patrick Bova is an arts worker and writer based in Brooklyn. In 2018, he graduated from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in contemporary art and museum studies.


Miri Chek

Miri Chek is Currently a candidate for a Master’s of Fine Arts at Concordia University.

Bridging between video performances, sculpture and research in biomaterials, the artist seeks to reveal the link between all beings and objects, living or inanimate, manufactured or natural. She believes that everything has vibrant agency - her art seeks to expose and amplify the common thread that ties life altogether.


Noémie Fortin

Originally from Lac-Mégantic (QC), Noémie Fortin is an emerging curator and a first-year student in the MA program in Art History at Concordia University (Montreal, QC). Her research interests lie at the intersection of art history, museology and sociology, and focus on the relationship between art, territory and community.


Ari Hoekstra

Aryen Hoekstra is an artist, writer, and gallerist based in Toronto where he runs Franz Kaka, a project-based gallery in the city’s west end. The gallery regularly participates in art fairs and gallery shares, including NADA Miami, Art Toronto, Papier (Montreal, QC), with recent and upcoming projects at Jack Barrett (New York, NY) and The Pit (Los Angeles, CA). As an artist, Hoekstra has exhibited nationally with recent solo exhibitions at Mercer Union, YYZ Artists’ Outlet, and Georgia Scherman Projects (Toronto, ON), and his writing on contemporary art has appeared in Frieze, Canadian Art, C Magazine, and Border Crossings. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Art and Visual Culture at Western University.


Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson is in her final year at Gallatin studying artistic agency in environmental entanglements. She is interested in ephemeral and utilitarian objects, ideological and political conceptions of the natural, bodies in space and extraterrestrial bodies in outer space.


Iraboty Kazi

I am a MA student at Western. I love Renaissance art, Dante, vintage fashion, and cat videos.

Ramolen Mencero Laruan

Ramolen Mencero Laruanis an interdisciplinary artist and writer based between Toronto and London, ON. Her artistic practice is dedicated to offering new patterns of thinking about displacement, politics of belonging, and cultural hybridity.


Across making, writing, organizing, and teaching Ella Dawn McGeough’s practice pursues relays. She was born in Vancouver (unceded territories) and lives in Toronto where she is articulating her research within a practice-based PhD at York University.


Leanne Olson

Leanne Olson’s practice centres on interpreting land and waterscapes that are tasked with jobs, such as landfills, sulphurous springs, and recreational lakes. She recently completed a one-year term as the first Artist in Residence at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.


Camille-Mary Sharp

Camille-Mary Sharp is a third-year Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. Bridging the fields of museum studies and political economy, her research reframes discussions surrounding museum decolonization to include funding models —oil sponsorship in particular.


Eeva Siivonen

Eeva Siivonen is a moving image artist originally from Helsinki, Finland. In her work, she sutures together visual and sonic spaces where the small and forgotten becomes visible and amplified in an effort to create space for attention and empathy.


Bruno Belli Sinder

Bruno Sinder is a photographer and researcher of art and visual culture currently pursuing a PhD at Western University in London, Ontario. Present interests include human and non-human collaborations, authorship, performance, and photography as social praxis.


Ashley Snook

Ashley Snook is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist and is currently a PhD student in the Art and Visual Culture program at Western University in London, Ontario. Ashley’s research and studio work investigate fundamental linkages between species, aiming to fuse conceptual separations through sculpture, installation and drawing.


Lana Tran

Lana Tran is a Master of Museum Studies candidate at the University of Toronto. Her current research considers how curatorial frameworks and art-making emerge from site-specific concepts of “nature”, place and displacement.


Daniel Benjamin Walker

is an MA student whose research lies at the intersection of art and design history, chiefly their engagement at a theoretical level. His current work looks to the ways that art and design can serve as a particular mode of thinking within frameworks of ecology, and this has guided him in the direction of various strategies of participatory practice and research-creation.