From May 27-30, 2019, thirty-three participants gathered in Toronto for the workshop component of the Museum for Future Fossils project. The guiding question was: what kinds of collaboration are possible in a time of crisis? On Day 1, led by the SHATTERED MOON ALLIANCE, we discussed different forms of collaboration and shared our research in a lightning round of presentations. Day 2 brought environmental crisis home as we met on Toronto Island under the threat of evacuation due to high floodwaters. There we learned about erosion prevention and artificial reefs from Meg St John; science fiction, art, and digital futures from Dr. Sara Mameni; and plastics pollution and research from the Synthetic Collective arts/science collaboration. Deep time and natural history characterized Day 3 as we participated in artists Meghan Price and Suzanne Nacha’s boulder kite project, toured Marc Dion’s Life of a Dead Tree at MoCA (staging our own intervention), and ended on a high note with a cabaret for the end of the world.